TechIsland Summit
Limassol, Cyprus

The TechIsland Summit is an annual conference, organized by TechIsland - a non-profit tech association, that was established in 2021 to turn Cyprus into a hub for technology and innovation.

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About the TechIsland Summit

Innovation, inspiration, actionable ideas and knowledge sharing are at the heart of TechIsland Summit.

Join us this year for the 4th edition of the TechIsland Summit with the topic "Tech-Driven Cyprus: Cultivating a Competitive Economy",  focusing on how Cyprus can leverage its new standing as a tech hub, by capitalizing on the expertise of highly skilled tech specialists currently on the island, to compete on the regional level further, especially in the realm of new emerging technologies.

The TechIsland Summit brings together and engages more than 300 prominent government, technology, business, and thought leaders centred around the most prominent and relevant trends sparking, disrupting, and driving innovation today.

Why you should join:

Explore opportunities for tech companies in Cyprus

Meet the thought leaders who are transforming the tech ecosystem of the region: entrepreneurs, investors, government officials

Expand your network within the regions of South Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa & the fast-growing tech community of Cyprus

Talk tech and make a difference to the region

Get inspired for the future with insights and suggestions

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techisland summit

TechIsland is a non-profit organisation, IT Association that was established in 2021 to turn Cyprus into a world-class destination for talent.

reflect 2021

Reflect is the Biggest tech & entrepreneurial festival in Cyprus where the region’s doers network, brainstorm and learn from their peers.

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TechIsland is looking for volunteers who are 18 years or older and have a love for learning and meeting new people.

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This is a great opportunity for students, recent graduates, or anyone interested in technology. You'll get a certificate and make memories you'll never forget.

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